February 13, 2016

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Start Accepting Your Applications On-Line

Are you still taking your applications the old fashion way?

Does your Paper Employment Applications get lost with all the other paper?

Did you recently find that Paper Employment Application that’s been lost and now that Perfect Employee is no longer available? ?


Never Lose Another Paper Application

Get your Application for Employment  directly into your E-Mail In-Box.

Never lose another Job Application.

With our facebook pre-screen, you can research your potential employee BEFORE the interview!

Try our Sample Application, it sent directly to Your Email! Test it yourself HERE

Your Very Own Link!

Join Hundreds of Businesses already using our service.

Your business gets it’s own personal Application for Employment for your Business. Your business will have it’s own link  to post Job Opportunities. Post this link with all Online Listings for Employment.

Our member American TapHouse & Grille uses their link on their Website, Social Media & Craigslist.

Their Application for Employment page is HERE link looks like THIS

You can see an example of their usage of Social Media Posting on their facebook page!

Get more Applicants!

Research shows that the Millennial Generation does more in the digital world than any group of demographics! If you aren’t capturing them, somebody else is! Along with that, 81% of all persons who visit our site is on a Mobile Device! Our entire site is mobile responsive, meaning it adapts to Tablets, Smart Phones as well as Computers!

No Website Needed!

No need to build a website! Many businesses are depending on Social Media as their Main Web Presence more than ever! It’s Quick & Simple! Once you create your Account, we provide you with a ‘LINK’ to your Employment Application on our Servers. Only YOU will have that link. Post it wherever you post for Employment Help! It’s just that Simple! All your applications come via E-Mail directly to your inbox!


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