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Optimize your job search by automatically filling out and tracking job applications with our free Chrome extension.

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Works with more than 400,000 job postings from your favorite companies

Everything you need to find your next job

SpeedyApply streamlines, simplifies, and supercharges your job hunt while saving time and maximizing efficiency.

One-Click Autofill

Automatically populate job applications across various portals with a single click, ensuring speed and accuracy.

Supported Platforms

Extensive support for major job application portals such as Workday, ICIMS, Greenhouse, and more.

Job Analytics Dashboard

Keep track of your applications with insightful analytics. Know when and where you've applied at a glance.

Comprehensive Profile

Create a detailed job profile once and use it across all platforms, saving precious time and effort.

Customizable Settings

Personalize autofill settings to match your specific needs and set your preferences with ease.

Secure & Private

Your data is stored locally on your computer. No data is stored on external servers or shared with third parties.

Take Control of Your Job Search

Turn hours of job applications into minutes, stay organized, and land your dream job with SpeedyApply.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about SpeedyApply within our FAQ.

SpeedyApply is a Chrome browser extension that can be installed through the Chrome Web Store. After installing, you must first create your application profile in the extension. From there, you are ready to use SpeedyApply on any compatabile job posting!

If you still need help, click here to view a YouTube demo that walks through setting up and using SpeedyApply.

SpeedyApply is completely free. Account registration or providing your email is also not needed.

SpeedyApply supports any job posting for any company that uses Workday, ICIMS, Greenhouse, Lever, or SuccessFactors as their primary recruitment platform.

SpeedyApply's data is stored locally on your computer and Chrome browser. Your data is not stored on any external servers.